Command Line Argument Parsing for Groovy

Groovy has some wrappers around the apache.commons.cli via their CLIBuilder class. This is a pretty old and crusty library that has some significant limitations. I prefer to use the Java Simple Argument Parser (JSAP) library. Especially since they have added the ability to declare argument definitions in a declarative XML file. This reduces the code… Read the full article

How to bundle Java programs into a single executable .jar file using Ant

One of the most useful things you can do for any project is provide command line friendly tools for administration, diagnostics and maintenance. As nice as browser based administration tools are, not everyone has access to production machines behind firewalls and the sort with a browser, most administration is done via ssh. Giving operations tools… Read the full article


This is a blog of letters to whom it may concern about my experiences as a Senior Technology Professional. Mostly I will write about practical programming practices in the most practical and proven languages and environments I have experienced. I have designed and developed very large scale distributed systems, servicing millions of users a day.… Read the full article